Kasey Sheridan Pictured With New Dream Bandmates

Photos of new member Kasey Sheridan have emerged. Dream-Online.com has photos of Kasey, who took the place of departed member Melissa Schuman, from the ‘Standing In The Shadows of Motown’ premiere that took place in Los Angeles.

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3 thoughts on “Kasey Sheridan Pictured With New Dream Bandmates

  1. dum_BLONDE says:

    I know you’re not supposed to judge by looks, but for some reason she strikes me as someone who might be kinda annoying…or catty, I can’t really tell which. Oh well, I’m curious to see how the new group will sound.

  2. dreamish says:

    Melissa was really cool. i mean i’m not a fan or anything, but Melissa would have to be my favorite….dunno how Kasey is gonna replace her

  3. mellowyellow says:

    She doesn’t seem to fit in. What’s with all these girl groups with rotating members? Why can’t they just get along? It just fuels the stereotype that girls are catty and b!tchy.

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