Kat DeLuna Talks With 95.9 KISS FM Backstage At Chickenfest

Kat DeLuna feet

95.9 KISS FM’s Tyler James interviews backstage after her performance at Chickenfest in Darboy, Wisconsin on Saturday (June 26). Kat talked about her impression of Wisconsin, being born in the Bronx and raised in the Dominican Republic before returning to New York, how she’s treated in the Dominican Republic, what she thought about the cheese curds she had tried their earlier, wanting to visit a farm on the visit, how Angola was her favorite country to visit, people she’d like to collaborate with, where she sees herself in five years, and more.

“Angola is a country that just came out of war 11 or 12 years ago, and when you go there, people are so full of life and the hope there, you feel it,” DeLuna said. “To me when I went there, and then I compared it to home, I’m like, wow, kids here take their opportunities for granted and don’t take advantage of it. When you compare it, you see how much you have and then you start to learn more about the world.”

Watch it below the cut.

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