Kat Graham Releases ‘Against The Wall’ EP

Kat Graham 'Against The Wall' EP cover

released her ‘Against The Wall’ EP last Tuesday on A&M/Octone Records. Discussing the EP in a video at her YouTube channel, Kat said “this EP is what I’ve done against the wall.” Graham added, “Sometimes people don’t like to question pop. It’s very surface. It’s in the club. It’s about drinks and dancing. There’s fun, light-heartedness to it, but with me personally and my story I don’t feel like it’s that light-hearted, and I think there’s a little bit of grime to my pop and a little bit of fierce, bitch struggle grind and dirt in my pop.”

‘Against The Wall’ Track List:
1. Put Your Graffiti On Me
2. Heartkiller
3. Wanna Say
4. Supa Dope

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