Kate Earl Encouraged By Response To Debut EP

updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@kateearl) on Wednesday (June 10) following the release of her self-titled debut EP yesterday. The Alaskan singer songwriter tells readers:

It was great to see such a nice response to my debut! Thank you everyone who is buying my EP and thank you to all who are hustling on my behalf and spreading the word for me. It is so crucial to have this support as an artist. An artist. I get to be one. Pretty awesome if you ask me. I get to think about silly and important things like what colors represent me, what textures I want my audience to encounter, how I would like to emote. I make a living thinking such thoughts. Strange and wonderful reality. Been listening to Joni Mitchell today. She had a tremendous impact on me during the making of my first record. To avoid repeating myself I mostly abandoned folk music until this project was closed. Listening to her again after walking this journey this long was like sliding into a coveted bath.

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