Kate Nash Discusses Trousers, Pianos & Lemons

Readers sent NME questions for Kate Nash, and the music site asked the London singer songwriter for her answers, including whether she prefers to play the guitar or piano, her favorite party food, how many lemons she ate during the ‘Foundations’ video shoot, and more.

Asked if she could be any other indie superstar, Kate said, “If I was going to be any other indie superstar, it would probably be Julian from The Strokes, or Beth Ditto.”

Asked if she wears trousers, Kate said, “No. I wear leggings. I would wear trousers if I found a pair that I thought I looked nice in. But they don’t really flatter me because I’ve got big hips.”

Responding to what she’d be doing if she weren’t a successful artist, Kate said, “I’d probably be an unsuccessful artist. I’d probably be a waitress as well.”

Does Kate prefer to play guitar or piano? “Piano,” Kate responded. “Because I can play it better, first of all, and it’s so much about feel and it’s easier to play it even if you don’t know how to play it. Whereas guitar, I’m still learning how to play guitar. I love playing guitar. I really love it, but I’m in love with grand pianos.”

Watch the two-part feature below.

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