Kate Nash: It’s Nice To Get Back To Touring

Kate Nash

updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@katenashmusic) on Friday (January 22), discussing her preparations for touring and getting the backhanded “you’re good for a female artist” compliment. The English singer songwriter tells readers:

It’s good to be back in the rehearsal room apart from the fact that I find it a bit boring!… It’s so weird, especially as last time we didn’t have to rehearse very much, you just end up touring for like 2 and a half years so everything just gets discovered live which is great and natural and you don’t have to try and remember how to play songs!

Anyway, enough moaning, it’s lots of fun really, great to be back with the band again, reunited, it’s a honeymoon period all over again, we’re all getting each others names tattooed on our bums. that’s love.

I’m getting a general idea of what my schedule for the year is going to look like which is good, it is nice to be back to this kind of work. I’ve enjoyed living and recording and preparing but playing live is the best part really. Apart from writing really it’s the only thing that makes sense and gives you piece of mind. Also I can’t believe I get to travel all over the world again, it’s fu**ing amazing and this time I’m going to appreciate every second of it.

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