Kate Nash: I’ve Started Recording My Album

updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@katenashmusic) on Sunday (July 12), talking about progress on the follow-up to her 2007 debut ‘Made of Bricks’. The English singer songwriter tells readers:

I’m properly and most definitely back to work now! I’ve started recording my album. It’s very exciting. I was a little scared at first, just at the thought of it being finished and complete once the session is over and wondering what that will be like. But after just 3 days hard graft and roughly laying down 5 tracks I feel very excited and happy to be doing it. I’ve had a great time taking a much needed break, i needed the rejuvenation and i needed to find inspiration and things to write about again and to feel passionate about life and music again. And taking the time out did help me write, i have loads of songs to go into the studio with, so the album is written, it just needs transferring into special sounding recordings. The studio I’m working in has a lovely old desk and 2 great big live rooms and lots of instruments have been brought down by myself and Bernard & friends so there’s lots to play with. It’s going to be a good few weeks! fingers crossed.

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One thought on “Kate Nash: I’ve Started Recording My Album

  1. melvin says:

    WoW KATE that’s great….

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