Kate Nash Not Sure She Fit In On Lilith Fair Lineup

Kate Nash

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@katenashmusic) on Wednesday (July 28), discussing various topics like gigs, clothes shopping, Michael Jackson, comic books, and Target. The 23-year-old singer songwriter tells readers:

I’m off to Australia tomorrow, playing splendor festival and a couple of my own shows with the thin kids, should be really cool, looking forward to playing with those guys. I might try swimming with sharks again too.
I got back from Lilith Fair festival last week, I’m not sure I really fit in there. It seemed a little tame, not what I really expected. I thought I would feel much more liberated there. Seeing Mary J. Blige playing ‘No More Drama’ was pretty much basically amazing though. Can’t deny/regret that.
I wish I saw Michael Jackson play before he died, can’t believe I never saw that.

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