Kate Nash On Christmas Shopping, Second Album Progress

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@katenashmusic) on Friday (December 12), talking about her online and offline Christmas shopping, and an update on her follow-up to her 2007 debut album ‘Made of Bricks’. The London based singer songwriter tells readers:

I hope everyone is feeling Christmas spirited, it’s nearly here I guess. I’ve done minimum amount of shopping. I go in for 15 minutes and have to leave cause it freaks me out, too many people, too many things etc.

I bought some stuff off ebay, I’m very excited, being about 5/6 years behind everyone else when it comes to technology. I’ve never done this before. Once I got my friend to bid on some Polaroid cameras and we won, that was good. But this time I just clicked on the buy now buttons, this is much less stressful than bidding.

So I was in the studio last week doing some demos, we did 10 tracks in 4 days and I figure the less time you spend on something the more work you do, there’s no time for messing around so you get on with stuff. I’m really happy with the tracks, I’ve also got 4 other songs that I demo’d in the summer, happy with those too. I’m still down at my rehearsal room writing, rehearsing, playing with candles and thinking too much. I got some pretty good skull lights for 8 pounds in Woolworths that keep my amp company (so sad about Woolworths, I guess it’s a generation thing). So anyway hopefully I’ll do some more writing. Then have a bunch to chose from, or I guess I’ll just run out of things to say and start writing rubbish and then realize my album must be done. (but I feel like it could be there, really nearly there) but I still have to figure out who to record it with and then record it after that, so still a while before you’ll be hearing any of it. Thought I would just update you regardless.

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