Kate Voegele Discusses ’99 Times’

was interviewed by YoungHollywood.com at an in-store at Borders, where the singer/actress gave fans an inside look at her live acoustic show, her new video for ’99 Times’, and life on the set of ‘One Tree Hill’.

“Being at a bookstore, it’s like you’re sitting in someone’s living room,” Kate said about the Borders venue. “I love that because I’m a super informal person. I like to be that way with my fans or my friends or with anybody, so it’s gonna be great.”

On still believing in her career being unpredictable, Kate said, “Definitely. I think that this new record is called ‘A Fine Mess’ for a reason. It’s chaotic, but the beauty is in the chaos. It makes it I’ve just really enjoyed the ride a lot.”

“’99 Times’ is one of my favorites from the new album [‘A Fine Mess’] because it’s just a fun song to get up and sing,” Kate explained. “It’s a driving rock song. You kinda get to mess up your hair. It’s a song about being lied to. About being in a relationship where somebody’s unfaithful, and you didn’t know about it for awhile and you feel real stupid.”

Watch the interview below the cut.

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