Kate Voegele Discusses Sororities, Music & Coffee

Kate Voegele 'Don't Look Away'

talks to andPOP about sororities, music and coffee, which the interviewer went and picked up for her on the way over. Kate also said she’d prefer to keep her relationship status on the DL.

“That’s what we’re supposed to do, right,” Kate asked. “Be all mysterious and be like, ‘Oh, wouldn’t you guys like to know?’ Once you start talking about it then people are like, ‘Oh, Kate Voegele’s talking about it'”

“This tour has been really cool because it’s kind of been our first headlining tour,” Kate explained about the current trek. “We’ve done spot dates here and there, but this is our first official and sponsored tour. It’s actually being sponsored by University of Phoenix, which has been awesome, because I have been actually taking classes online while they give us a bus and all this support. So I’m working towards my education.”

Watch the interview below the cut.

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