Kate Voegele Talks With Young Hollywood

recently caught up with YoungHollywood.com while the singer songwriter was on tour with Ben Lee. Voegele describes her sound as “pop music that has heart.” The 21-year-old Bay Village, Ohio native talked about touring with Dave Matthews, Willie Nelson and John Mayer, signing to MySpace Records, having MySpace 183,000 friends, her role in ‘One Tree Hill’ with Kevin Federline, and where she sees herself in five years.

On signing with MySpace Records, Kate said, “I got a message from Tom Anderson, the guy who started the web site. First of all, this has to be fake. Second, does Tom even exist, let alone send messages?” As for the 183,000 friends she’s gotten on the social media site, Kate said, “When Tom approached me, it wasn’t like I had all those friends, or like I had some Bedazzled page with all this cool stuff on it, so he was like ‘I gotta check this girl out.'”

On her ‘One Tree Hill’ role, she said, “Mia is the keyboardist in a band called No Means Yes. K-Fed plays the lead singer Jason. He gets fired and I get signed in the place of our band.”

On where she sees herself in five years, Kate said, “I set goals but I also don’t want to try and plan everything out, because this is such an unpredictable business, but in the best way. If you asked me six months ago what do you think you’d be doing, I would never been like, ‘Probably filming a part on ‘One Tree Hill’ and sitting here with Young Hollywood’.”

Watch the interview below the cut.

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