Katelyn Tarver Attends Jonas Brothers 3D Movie Premiere

blogged about attending the premiere of ‘: The 3D Concert Experience’ at El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood on Tuesday night. The pop singer, who toured with the sibling pop trio before they became America’s biggest boy band, writes on her blog at MySpace (@katelyntarveronline):

SO – last night I got to go to the premiere of the Jonas Brothers new 3D movie. It was so. much. FUN! I took some video so I’ll try to get that posted very soon. But until then I’ll just try to recount the night for you guys! My friend and I arrived at the premiere around 5:15 and it was absolutely crazy!! So many people were there! It was great. I walked up to the tent where they have your tickets and I told them my name and they were like “ummm.. we dont’ see a Tarver”. Great. Just great. BUT – after a few frantic calls and a disappointed feeling, they found it and I was good to go! Haha.. I WOULD be the one who got ready and excited to go then them not be able to find my ticket hah! So after that I walked the carpet for a bit and actually got my picture taken!! Crazy!! Hahah… I also saw my one of my LA street team girls and her friends!! It was so awesome that they were there.. I was so happy to see them! Also to see everyone else there that asked me for a picture or autograph.. it really means a lot so THANK YOU! After about an hour on the carpet, it was time to go watch the movie. It was fantastic! Seriously, you all need to go see it. It was so fun to watch. And for me to have performed with them for 200 people and then to see them performing for thousands and thousands of people.. it still amazes me every time! They’re so talented and definitely deserve all of their success. After the premiere my friend and I went to the House of Blues where I finally got to see the boys and congratulate them on the movie!! We had a blast and all in all it was a wonderful night!

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