Katelyn Tarver Checks In After Celebrating Christmas

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@katelyntarveronline) on Friday (December 26). The Savannah, Georgia pop singer tells readers:

HEY GUYS!!! How was your Christmas??!!? How are your holidays going??!?

My Christmas was so great. I loved being able to spend it with my family. I loved just being home eating way to much. Haha.. I literally should be 500 pounds. ANYWAY, I got a GPS for my car! Yay! I was so excited. I’m planning on moving out to LA in January so that will come in handy! My little brother got a refurbished go-cart. We’ve had it for so long.. my aunt had it, my dad, my older brother, cousins.. so now it’s his turn I guess! It goes so fast! He was very happy. My older brother got a new computer! One that was very much needed if I do say so myself.. and my little sister got a CAR!!!! It was awesome!!!! She was so shocked… I got it on video so I’ll try to post it. It was THE BEST. I can’t believe she’s almost old enough to drive her own car…. So weird. But very exciting.

Christmas night was spent at my grandmothers with the extended family. I had so much dressing. It was amazing. My mom makes the greatest dressing. We exchanged presents, drank coffee, played with new gifts, laughed….. are you feeling all warm and fuzzy yet??? Good.

your Christmas was as merry as mine. Thank you so much for all the sweet comments. I want to wish each one of you a big HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! You guys are the best….. almost as good as my mom’s dressing. ;)

LOVE YOU ALL!!!! Thanks for everything.


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