Katelyn Tarver Films Scenes For Nickelodeon Pilot

updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@katelyntarveronline) on Tuesday (November 4), discussing the Nickelodeon pilot she’s been filming. The teen pop singer tells readers:

Guys! Hello!! How is everyone?? Today is election day!!!! I can’t believe it! I went and voted already. I felt very… powerful! Haha… if you are eligible: GO VOTE!

So last Friday was when I filmed the scenes for the show. It was SO FUN!!! I was a little nervous because I had never done a TV show like that before… but everyone made me feel so comfortable! The director was super nice, the cast was super nice, the set was amazing… it was so great! I don’t really have a big part in the pilot, BUT – hopefully it will get picked up and they can develop my character more. Cross your fingers!! It would be so much fun!!! Ahh… I’ll be sure to let you guys know as it develops. :)

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