Katelyn Tarver ‘More And More Anxious’ About Career

posted the following blog on her MySpace (@katelyntarveronline) on Tuesday (September 25):

Hello everybody :).

As each day passes, I find myself growing more and more anxious about the outcome of my career. Where is my big break? I’ve been working so hard! …but what I’ve been forgetting in the past few weeks is one of my favorite quotes, “The Journey is the Joy” . My dad introduced this quote to me about three years ago when we began seriously pursuing this dream of mine, and I’ve always tried to follow it. To not only strive for success, but enjoy every step along the way. In the past few months, the pace of my career has really quickened. My new management company has introduced me to new songwriters, new producers, I have four new songs recorded…I’m really encouraged about the near future. I hope to have lots of big news for you soon.

A lot of you have asked me how I got here and what you should do to become an entertainer. Just remember, I’ve sung to a lot of crowds of less than 50 people(sometimes 12…). Keep in mind, EVERYTHING has to start somewhere however small. Whatever your art is, put it out there and don’t give up because the JOURNEY IS THE JOY!



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