Katelyn Tarver Survives ‘Tube Wars’

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@katelyntarveronline) earlier today with an update on what she’s been doing. Tarver writes:

Just saying HELLO

Hey guys!!! How is everyone?? Sorry I haven’t updated in a while .. I’ve been at my coast house hanging out for a few days trying to soak up the last few weeks of summer. How have you guys been?? Anyone in school yet?? My younger sister and brother are getting ready to go back to school on Friday. I can’t believe it! I feel like the summer has gone by so fast! Oh I’m just so happy I don’t have to go back to high school…..YAAAAAY!

So like I said before–my family and friends were all hanging out at my coast house this past weekend. We had some intense tubing. We do this thing called “tube wars” where we put two tubes behind the boat and each tube tries to kick the people on the other tube off. I think we ended up with 2 bloody noses and a hurt ankle! Hah..one of the bloody noses being mine. It still hurts kind of……..haha. So we had a good time!

Hope you guys are all doing well! Be sure to keep checking back…and keep checking my YouTube!! Thanks so much for EVERYTHING. Love you all


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