Katelyn Tarver With Prom & Hockey Fights Cancer Event Update

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@katelyntarveronline) on Saturday (May 10). She writes:

Hey everybody!! OK sorry I haven’t written sooner – I just feel like I’ve been doing a million things. Prom was last weekend and it was so fun! I PROMISE to post some of the pictures… for some reason it hasn’t been working but… I’m going to try to get some up very shortly. The theme to our prom was Phantom of the Opera so it was decorated very nicely… we tend to go all out on our prom decorations SO – it was fun! THEN, on Saturday I flew up to Maryland for my show at the Hockey Fights Cancer event in Abingdon. It went well! I actually got to hit a few hockey pucks! Which was a first. Hockey seems like fun, but it was freezing in there! I mean obviously… but I just hate being cold. ANYWAY, when I got home I just headed back to school. I had a big paper due on Friday so.. that’s what I was doing all last week. Now that the paper is done I’m SO HAPPY!! Our last day is on the 23… it’s so soon!! YES. But right now, I’m just sitting here eating Ramen noodles and thought I would say hello! I hope you guys are doing great. I’m SO EXCITED though because I’m headed out to LA next week for some meetings…. hopefully I’ll have some big news soon!! : ) I love you guys!!! Thanks for EVERYTHING!!!!


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