Katharine McPhee Checks In After Day At The Recording Studio

‘American Idol’ season five runner-up checked in with fans after a day in the studio with Babyface on Tuesday (November 14). “I just got back from the studio and it was a pretty good day overall,” she writes. “On top of everything else, I’m working on my own outreach program. So in attempts to figure out exactly what I want to focus on I have been looking into different things. I went for a hospital visit today to meet some Kids who are sick. It is a pretty overwhelming and amazing experience overall. These little Children have some much strength and courage at such a young age. It just doesn’t seem fair what some people have to go thru when some others are given so much. And I feel that (thanks to you all) I have been given so much so it just feels right to take some time to cheer their day up a bit.”

McPhee has since removed the post.

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