Katharine McPhee Checks In After OKC Gig

Katharine McPhee wearing glasses posted another video blog from her bus on her promo tour for her new single ‘Love Story’. The ‘American Idol’ season five runner-up talked about her KJ103 Summer Concert Series show at the Bricktown Events Center in Oklahoma City, where she almost fell on stage.

“We had a really fun day. We actually added ‘Not Your Girl’ for the first time today, and we actually had to say goodbye to ‘Open Toes’ for a little bit,” Katharine said about her setlist. “Because we wanted to try something out new and fresh and clean. It actually rained here in Oklahoma again today, but the show wasn’t cancelled because it was indoors. We were very happy about that. The set went really well. I couldn’t really hear in the beginning. It’s always an issue, sound, it’s always a pain in the but. It was a really fun show. Lots of men in the audience, so I hope you all enjoyed it. If there’s any fans out there that didn’t get to see me personally, I’m really sorry. Maybe next time.”

Katharine McPhee is looking intense on her tour busThe show didn’t go entirely smoothly, as Kat confessed, “I almost fell. I was (singing) and ran into this thing. It was really, really embarrassing. Almost fell on stage, but I’m sure people who were there will tell you about it. It was really embarrassing.”

As for the next stop, McPhee said, “We’re off to St. Louis, and we’ll be there for two days off. If anyone wants to try to find out where we are, just roam around St. Louis and you’ll find us. We’re gonna be crazy! No, I’m just kidding.”

Watch the clip below the cut.

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