Katharine McPhee Doesn’t Pay Attention To Weekly Album Sales Reports

The Maryland Gazette caught up with ‘American Idol’ season five runner-up for a Q&A, asking about how she felt about the fact that neither her or have seen great album sales on their debuts. “I think the record industry is in a weird place right now,” McPhee responded. “Considering that Taylor didn’t have anything on the radio, he’s done pretty well for himself. I have to say I’m very satisfied where I am right now. Coming off a show where everything happens so fast and you rise to the top so quickly, (it’s good) being able to kind of be on the other side now and see how other artists have to start out. I can certainly say now that I’ve had to do things to try to work my way to the top; it wasn’t just all handed to me. I kind of appreciate this way my music is evolving. We have three more singles to go. As far as sales go, I don’t pay attention to the weekly reports nor do I want to know about them.” Read more.

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