Katharine McPhee Excited About Second Single ‘Love Story’

After admitting ‘Over It’, the first release from her self-titled debut album “wasn’t my favorite song off the record”, ‘American Idol’ season five runner-up tells the Danbury News Times she’s excited about her brand new second single, ‘Love Story’, which leads off the CD. “I’ve always loved the song,” she said. “I always wanted the song to be the first single because I felt that it was more of my vibe. It was more young and fresh. It also very much had this pop, soulful kind of feel to it, but it also had this retro throwback to some of the influences I had growing up — like the old-school stuff — as well. So I always loved it. I thought it was very girly, which is me, you know? ‘Love Story,’ I sometimes feel like I wrote on it because I was in the studio when they were creating the song.” Read more.

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