Katharine McPhee Fans Rage Over Hot 99.5 Interview, Kane Responds

Fans of are in a rage over the treatment the ‘American Idol’ season five runner-up received in an interview with an intern on the Kane morning show on Hot 99.5 in Washington, DC on Wednesday. Several e-mailed the station to complain, and Kane blogged at hotspot.hot995.com with the following lengthy explanation:

Okay! Kat fans, PAY ATTENTION:
I’m writing this once because I’m getting increasingly frustrated by
e-mails from McPhee fans that don’t know the whole story and are writing
me angry e-mails.

1) It makes Kat look bad when ever other word in your e-mail about how
you thought we didn’t handle the interview professionally starts with an

2) Maybe you should realize that weeeeeee were the ones that were promised
Kat — and they didn’t deliver.

A timeline:

LAST WEEK – They reached out to us asking if Kat could come on the show
to promote an event in Washington DC. We were excited and quickly agreed.
They had some requests. First, that we PRE-PROMOTE starting on Monday that
Kat was going to be LIVE IN STUDIO to talk about this event. Second, that
there would be no personal questions. We agreed.

MONDAY – Her people call us and ask if she can do other radio station
interviews, we agree (normally this is a no-go). We just ask that she honor
our time of 8:15 live in studio. They reply that she is only going to do
a phone interview with a station in Baltimore and maybe something with
another station.

TUESDAY – I get an e-mail from her people saying that she won’t be able
to come in after all because of ‘time constraints’ (read: they double booked
her). I reply that we had a deal, we are holding our end, that’s a problem
THEY need to work out. We go back and forth until about 7p when they send
a ‘nevermind, we’ll see you tomorrow’ e-mail.

WEDNESDAY – We pre-promote Kat (per our agreement) all morning and we
get a call at 7:58a and are told that ‘Kat’s plane was late from LA and
that she just landed and would not be able to make it in live.’

She was flying on the red-eye from LA. Don’t you think any good media
handler would check to see if her plane was on-time EARLY in the day to
be sure that she would be available for the interviews that were promised?
Why did we only get a 20 minute ‘she’s not going to be there’ heads up?

Also, her phone call was very clear, no cell breakups, car noise, nothing.
Sounded like it was from a hotel. Listen and see for yourself (click on-demand).

Finally, check any flight tracking website. The last non-stop redeye
flight landed at Dulles at 5:57a. USAIR 6508 and United 82. The next non-stop
wasn’t until around noon.

We got a call that Kat was live in studio at the Baltimore station shortly
thereafter from a listener. How did she make it from Dulles to Baltimore
(btw, you have to pass near Rockville to get to B’more) in less than an
hour at 8a with rush hour traffic?

These are facts. No spin.

Slam us, go-head. We agreed to have her on, we followed the rules. They
didn’t tell the truth. Kat could have had a little more fun with Ally.
She could have said “You guys know you’re not supposed to ask me personal
questions… what’s wrong with you?” Rather she just got mad.

I don’t blame her.

I don’t blame us either.

PS: Before you tell me it was “God and the weather” it was perfect in
LA when her flight took off. No rain, nuthing. Matter of fact, LA is in
their worst drought in YEARS. The mayor is asking people to take less showers!?!

PPS: There were no delayed flights (other than a Com-Air from Syracuse,
NY that was 12 minutes late) at Dulles that morning. Nothing more than
12 minutes late.

Check out additional discussion here.

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