Katharine McPhee Performs On PIX 11 Morning News

Katharine McPhee performs and talks about going blonde in New York City visited the PIX 11 Morning News in New York City the other day, performing ‘Keep Drivin”. Beforehand, the ‘American Idol’ season five runner-up talked about her new hairstyle and getting really personal on the new album.

On going blonde, Katharine said, “I worked on the record for so long and I made a lot of musical changes so I think that I was inspired to change the hair but also to just have a good time. I’ve never changed my hair before.”

On going personal with the album, she said, “I just wanted to have that feeling of being on stage and perform something that really was meaningful. Having a memory of writing a song and then performing it, it’s just a huge difference having that relationship with the song. I also wanted to give a more personal look into the music for my fans.”

Video of the appearance at her MySpace has since been removed.

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