Katharine McPhee Q&A

MTV News caught up with for a Q&A after the singer lost in the finale of ‘American Idol’ last night to Taylor Hicks. Asked what she thought made Hicks a great ‘Idol’, McPhee responded, “He definitely knows how to get a crowd going, and that was something I knew he had from the very beginning. There’s something very exciting about him when he performs, and he’s kinda got the American dream story. He’s like the guy who sung in a bar and has gray hair and he’s 29, but he looks like he’s 39. It’s somebody you wouldn’t think would be an ‘American Idol’ – and then he suddenly gets to win and he’s got a huge career in front of him. Those are things that make up the American dream and ‘American Idol’. [In] the pictures of all the winners … now it’ll be Taylor up there. So it’s good to have another guy up there. It’d been weird if it was girl-girl-girl-girl.” Read more.

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