Katharine McPhee Says Low Self-Esteem Contributed To Eating Disorder

In an exclusive interview with psychiatrist Keith Ablow, ‘American Idol’ season five runner-up talked about the reading problems that had sabotaged her self-esteem and had made her turn to food for comfort. The food also helped distract her from emotional problems. “Low self-esteem was huge for me,” McPhee said on Ablow’s show premiering this fall. “I was always the pretty little girl who was stupid. That was really difficult. I remember every morning driving to school – my dad would take us to school. And nobody knew, but I was terrified just to be at school. I could not wait until recess. I was terrified the teacher was going to call on me to read out loud.” Read more and watch a preview of the interview, aired on ‘Good Morning America’, at ABCNews.go.com.

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