Kathie Lee Gifford So Sad About Britney Spears

‘Entertainment Tonight’ caught up with Kathie Lee Gifford at the debut of the Broadway musical ‘The Little Mermaid’ on Thursday night (January 10), where Regis Philbin’s former sidekick weighed in on the troubles has been going through. “I am so sad about that whole thing,” she admitted. “I met Britney when she had her first hit, and she came on our show when we were doing it from DisneyWorld. She’s just a precious, young child, and that person is still there.”

She added, “I can’t stand the glee people are getting from her pain. We should not get any pleasure from another person’s pain. And I pray for her.” As for Britney’s family, Kathie Lee said, “What the family’s trying to do, I know, is to get to her and get her away. I think getting her away from LA for a long stretch of time would be a good thing.”

Video of the segment, also featuring her thoughts on the pregnancy of Britney’s 16-year-old sister Jamie Lynn, has since been removed at etonline.com.

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