Kathy Griffin Talks Celebs With Larry King

Comedian Kathy Griffin’s interview on ‘Larry King Live’ aired Tuesday, where she opined on several celebrities. On , Griffin said, “OK, well that’s what’s interesting is you’d think she should be a D-lister and yet we’re in such celebrity crazed culture and people are so famous for being famous that what’s ironic is she’s as A-list as Meryl Streep, meaning if you’re throwing a big Hollywood party and you want lots of press coverage you’re as excited about Paris Hilton on her red carpet as you are about Meryl Streep which is a crime. But that’s the main thing, right, that sex tape actually really, truly catapulted her onto the A-list unprecedented.” As for , she remarked, “Oh, I think Britney is sort of continuing that classic line of divas that’s just going to keep going crazy forever, like , like Liza. I think her whole life she’s going to be a little nuts and that’s what I love about her. But I think the nude photos are great. She’s got to dump the loser husband though, right? Come on, he’s living off her and he’s trying to be a rapper. He’s Portuguese now.” Check out the entire transcript at CNN.com.

Hiltons Leaving Hyde

July 10, 2006 – Paris Hilton was videotaped exiting Hyde in Hollywood the other night with her sister Nicky. The heiress claimed that she made the dress she was wearing, and scolded a photographer for trying to get an upskirt shot. This time, Paris didn’t blast her new single ‘Stars Are Blind’ when driving off. Lulop.com has since removed the video.

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