Kathy Griffin Tells Clay Aiken To Leave The Country

The Indianapolis Star caught up with Kathy Griffin in a Q&A and asked the ‘D-List’ star what career advice she’d give to ‘American Idol’ season two runner-up now. “First of all, major relocation,” Griffin said. “He has to leave the country. He has to be like Josephine Baker or David Hasselhoff and find a fan base overseas. I think once you have had your picture in the Star tabloid with four Webcam pictures of you hooking up with a guy and you don’t have a shirt on, it’s time for a ‘vacation’. He has to have a long sit-down with Manilow and get a game plan. He has to say, ‘Barry, I want you to plan out my next year. I’ll do whatever you say.’ He should follow the footsteps of his obvious mentor.”

In The Year 2000:

April 6, 2006 – During the ‘In The Year 2000’ comedy segment on ‘Late Night with Conan O’Brien’ on Wednesday, Conan predicted: “ will rush to see the movie ‘Inside Man’ when he misreads the title as ‘Inside Men’.”

The Washcloth

April 5, 2006 – John Paulus, who alleges to have had a sexual tryst with Clay, posted a new message on his blog at blogspot.com. “Now here is the washcloth that I got for Clay after he had his way with me for 90 very long minutes,” he writes. “I got up after Clay ‘finished’ and went over to the sink where I got the washcloth. I wet the washcloth and brought it to him when he rudely blurted out ‘Is this the biggest $%&*ing towel that they have?’. I of course quickly went back to retrieve a larger towel that I will post pictures of later on in my blog. Clay used this wet washcloth primarily to wipe the lube off of his hands.” johnpaulus.blogspot.com has since been shut down.

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3 thoughts on “Kathy Griffin Tells Clay Aiken To Leave The Country

  1. MusicTodayBlows says:

    Clay is so busted! How is he going to talk his way out of this one?!

  2. SkItTleZzZ_n_DeLiLah says:

    how is he busted… I can take a picture of a washcloth… *here’s the washcloth Nick used to wipe my sperm off his ass* ooooh laaa laaaaa…. skittlezzz screws Nick. yea woot.

  3. travistrittfan says:

    Clay Aiken will never come out of any closet because HE IS NOT GAY!!! How many times do you have to be told; how come you are so stubborn? If you were a Clay Aiken fan you would know that Clay Aiken is straight. Also, if you were updated on Clay Aiken, you would know in his fan club blog, that none of the tabloid stuff written about him is true; it all false. Clay Aiken is innocent and is NOT GAY. Also, Clay Aiken was on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine and said is NOT GAY. Someday you are going to find out that Clay Aiken is not gay if you don’t already know. Clay Aiken is straight. Also, this site is mainly innuendo, gossip, and lies. All the negative and false stuff written about Clay Aiken is untrue. Clay Aiken is straight, and that is a fact. Clay Aiken is my favorite male singer and male entertainer. Clay Aiken is the greatest and the best male musical artist ever!!! Clay Aiken Rules!

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