Katie Checks In With A Ting Tings Update

Katie White of checked in with her MySpace friends (@thetingtings) on Thursday (May 1) with the following bulletin:

Hello, I am just letting you guys know that we are performing on Jonathan Ross tomorrow night. I think it was a good performance, we did it in one take and it felt like one of the good ones so go check it out.

‘That’s Not My Name’ is being re-released (more than 500 copies, Yeah!) on the 11th May. I know you all probably own it anyway ( ; through the power of lovely music blog giveaways, but if you want a decent quality version of the song and love it like I do. Go pre-order on our page.

Our album is out the following week and you can pre-order it on the top of our MySpace page.

Katie with a cold in Helsinki!!!

I’m going to try reindeer tonight!

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