Katie Melua Visits ‘GMTV Today’

Katie Melua visits GMTV Today visited with Ben Shephard on ‘GMTV Today’ the other day, talking about her new album ‘Pictures’ and staying out of trouble unlike her British counterparts Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen.

“It’s quite frustrating because I suppose that’s the struggle isn’t it,” Katie said about balancing her music with the need for press. “If you want to be perceived I suppose as cool you have to be seen taking all the drugs and lots of alcohol and things like that. I think to me, my private life would be too much to sacrifice. The fact that I can still walk down the street. I’ve never been pap’d (touch wood), I never really talk about things other than music in my interviews, is something that I value so much.”

On being Britain’s biggest selling female artist, she said, “It’s pretty crazy. It’s really cool. I never really thought it was gonna be this big when I first started out, but I can’t complain.”

Watch the interview and performance of ‘If You Were a Sailboat’ at DailyMotion.

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