Katy Perry And John Mayer Shop For Engagement Rings

Katy Perry dancing as Katy Beth Terry

Katy Perry and are bound for marriage with the famous couple reportedly shopping for engagement rings. “They are definitely going to get engaged very soon,” someone close to Perry told Hollyscoop.

Talking about ring selection and the wedding game plan, the source added, “She wants a green diamond, since green is her favorite color. They want to have a small wedding, one of those you don’t hear about until it is all said and done. They live with each other now and are practically already husband and wife.”

As for Mayer having trouble holding a relationship with other famous female singers, Perry seems to thing this time is a charm. “Katy knows that John is her soul mate and everything she has been through has led her to him,” the source said. “John has said he will never love another woman like he loves her. She has redefined his definition of love.”

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