Katy Perry Clashes With Calvin Harris On Twitter Over Tour Cancellation

Katy Perry excited

is not happy with after the Scottish DJ, producer and singer cancelled as the opening act on the UK leg of her Teenage Dream tour, which resumes Wednesday night in Nottingham. The pair write:

Katy (@KatyPerry): FYI ALL UK & IRELAND RELATED SHOWS @CalvinHarris will NOT be joining in on the fun and has CANCELLED last minute.

Calvin (@CalvinHarris): Sorry to all who wanted to see me with Katy – her team suddenly moved the goalposts, and i was to appear on stage with no production.

Calvin: It would have looked sh**, sounded sh** – trust me you would have been more disappointed SEEING the show than you are with me cancelling

Calvin: That’s the honest truth

Calvin: Her show is AWESOME, you’ll all have an amazing time without me. (especially without me DJing on a cardboard box in front of a pink curtain)

Katy: @CalvinHarris …funny the goal post seems to be perfectly fine for New Young Pony Club, Yelle, Robyn, Marina & The Diamonds to name a few.

Katy: @CalvinHarris or how about Janell Monae and her 16 piece band… Etc… it’s fine, I’m used to you canceling on me, it’s become your staple!

Calvin: I am really sorry @katyperry I’m just upset because I really wanted to play but your team made it impossible

Calvin: We tried really hard to sort it out, but playing side of stage for 30 minutes, it seemed pointless me even being there

Calvin: Didn’t intend to cause offense or upset anybody

Calvin: WTF are fans telling me to KILL MYSELF on twitter for? Seriously. I’m a producer making music. Leave me alone please thanks x

Calvin: The internet is a really depressing place sometimes

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