Katy Perry Discusses Movie, Ambition & Prince Charming

Katy Perry in makeup and headdress for 'E.T.' music video

Katy Perry was on the phone with On Air with Ryan Seacrest the other day to promote her new movie ‘Part of Me 3D’. The American pop singer talked about why she decided to document the tour which led to the movie, her ambition to succeed, being surprised by what she’s achieved, leaving her personal life issues off the stage, not doing anything differently and punching Prince Charming.

On documenting her tour for a movie:

I actually asked some guys to come out on the road with me for the California Dreams tour for all of the 122 shows last year around the world, and just catch everything, because I thought either I was going to have the best success of my life or a complete mental breakdown or go completely bankrupt, but whatever was going to happen I wanted to catch it because it felt like it needed to be documented.

On her ambition to succeed starting out in Los Angeles:

I’ve always kind of had this blind ambition, and every time I’ve heard the word no it was like this charge of okay, well, I’m gonna do it. I grew up in this sheltered atmosphere where I did here a lot of “no”.

If she’s surprised by her accomplishments:

No it’s surprising, because when you’re really young and you watch Robin Leach on ‘Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous’, you’re like whoa, this is crazy. This is great. People are eating from gold spoons and they have a pool the size of a stadium. Then when you actually get to the point where you’re having success you realize oh, I’m pretty much too exhausted to even eat, I’m just going to fall asleep with my makeup on.

On the movie scenes where she’s emotional just before performances because of personal life turmoil:

You just have to be a grownup as boring as that sounds, and realize that you’ve been given this opportunity and so many other people would dream of the position that you’re in and you have to be grateful and you have to slap yourself across the face and separate your personal life from your professional. That’s what I had to do a few times last year, and a couple of those times were caught on tape. Literally on of the times I was dragging myself up stairs and on the lift and you see that moment I’m so exhausted because of all the things required of me at this level and I literally just flip a switch on my dress and my peppermint starts spinning and I focus on the performance and put a smile on my face. It’s like I really remember that my situation is my situation and it’s not the audience’s problem. They came here to be entertained, and I wanted to give them what they came for.

On what she’d do differently:

Nothing. No, I’ve learned all of these wonderful lessons that are priceless, and I apply them to my life and sometimes I get great material from them and I’m completely inspired everyday when I do learn something. I’m just always trying to learn and know and soak up information.

On punching Prince Charming:

I think the movie is kind of this story of overcoming obstacles no matter what shape they come in whether it’s from where you came from or your work or your personal situation, and for me what it’s turned out to be is it’s like a modern day fairytale but I just don’t need this Prince Charming for my happy ending.

The interview audio at Kyte.tv has since been removed.

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