Katy Perry Discusses New Album Plans, Britney’s Circus

Katy Perry at a Glamour event talked with ITN about her plans on making a second album, the self-absorption involved with using Twitter, relationships, and really wanting to see Britney Spears’ show.

Asked about recording her new album, Perry said, “I start in October. I touring just until September and then in September I’m going to go away and lay on a beach somewhere for like two weeks and recharge and then get to the studio in October.

“I do Twitter. I love Twittering,” Perry said about the social media web site. “It’s so self absorbed. It really is. It’s like hi, I’m putting on a sock and I’ve got 400,000 people reading this. It’s kind of self absorbed but it’s also kind of funny. Sometimes you’re in a car with some of your friends and they say something genius and you’re like I just wish the whole world could hear what you just said. Now we can. Twitter it!”

Watch via DailyMotion below.

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