Katy Perry Discusses ‘Not Like The Movies’

Katy Perry - 'Not Like The Movies'

talked about the inspiration behind and creation of ‘Not Like The Movies’, a song off her new album ‘Teenage Dream’, in a new YouTube video. The song is available on iTunes now as part of the countdown to the ‘Teenage Dream’ release on August 24th. “It’s a very romantic song, it’s one of the love songs on the record,” Perry said. “That’s kind of a bit of a stretch for me, because I didn’t really have a whole lot of love songs on ‘One of the Boys’ and I’m glad I have ‘Not Like The Movies’ and a song called ‘Hummingbird Heartbeat’, which is also a love song on this record, and hopefully it won’t be that cheesy song people play at their weddings, it’ll be that adorable song they play at their weddings.” Watch the video below.

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