Katy Perry Excited To Guest Judge On ‘American Idol’

Katy Perry MTV Unplugged

checked in with fans on her Twitter (@katyperry) moments ago, talking about how she’ll be guest judging at the ‘American Idol’ auditions which began Friday. The pop star writes:

Ok, I must confess, I’m SO excited to guest host on American Idol. I think Simon & I are gonna get along famously. He tells it like it is… & truthfully, that’s how ppl need to hear it. This isn’t like ur local highschool talent contest. This is AI! Ppl that wanna b in music biz need to know this sh** isn’t a cake walk! :P No more pitty passing kids on to the next level just cause they have some kinda sob story or cuz they look like a replica of past Idol winners (is it me or does every year hv like the nerd, the rocker chick, gospel chick, etc.)

Anyway, I’m just excited to tell it like it is & high 5 Simon all day. He may be devil of judges but he’s riggght! (kthxbye back 2 silence)

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