Katy Perry Gets A Koala Bear Wine Holder

Katy Perry gets a koala bear wine holder

checked in with fans after arriving in Sydney, Australia, disappointed with an interview in Grazia, shopping at Wheels & Doll Baby, and a wine holder she got at the hotel she’s staying at. The singer wrote on her Twitter (@katyperry):

Read 1 of my fav mags, AU Grazia. There’s whole “exclusive” interview w/about me coming & it’s like 10months old & some of it tots fabricated! NUTZ

Can tots understand why Kanye won’t do interviews nemore. It’s like a game of telephone, it goes from, I like cats to I have sex w/cats. HA

Just left Wheels & Dollbaby in Sydney, AUS! AMAZE! If ur in Sydney u HV 2 check it out, major pin up! Headed 2 see my waiting AUS FANS! YAY!

Just showed 2 my hotel & they sent up the CUTEST koala wine holder. New purse,YES! SCORE! Don’t b jelly!

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