Katy Perry Hopes To Be Accepted Like Avril Lavigne

Influenced by artists such as Heart and late Queen singer Freddie Mercury, tells the Palo Alto Daily News she hopes to be the woman that 14 and 15-year-old girls look up to. “Freddie Mercury wrote ‘Killer Queen.’ I know it might be about a prostitute, but I really feel it’s about me, a strong female,” Perry said. “There’s still a void for a rock chick. … The only rock chick we have is Avril Lavigne.”

As for the controversy artists such as and Amy Winehouse find themselves in, Perry said, “If we can all stay alive, that would be best. I just (don’t) understand why we can’t do our jobs and show up.”

Lets Loose At New Year’s Eve Party In Vegas

January 3, 2008 – Avril hosted a New Year’s Eve party at Prive in Las Vegas on Monday night, where the singer shocked onlookers with behavior making her look more like Paris Hilton.

“It was an Avril I’ve never seen before,” a partier confessed to FoxNews.com’s Pop Tarts. “She totally let loose and was gyrating on all the couches and jumping from table to table while putting on quite the public display with her husband, Deryck [Whibley].”

Check out footage of Avril and her Sum 41 hubby heading up the escalator to the party below.

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2 thoughts on “Katy Perry Hopes To Be Accepted Like Avril Lavigne

  1. Eli says:

    In August 31 I’ll be 14!! And with all my heart Katy Perry I like the fact your parents have God in their hearts, and that you were raised singing worship songs. But if you really wanna know, I hate the fact that you opened the doors with your music to influence a really SINFUL culture for the what you call “14- 15 year old’s generation”. Avril Lavigne never made a lesbian song, or video. Smoked in a MUSIC VIDEO to a hit song that reached a high level on the charts. Why the hell do you have to make songs that don’t have anything to do with LIFE/ REALITY. Katy Perry, open up your eyes.
    Now that your in the very beginning of your prosperity and fame, take control so life doesn’t crash down like it did for Britney. God loves you!

  2. arvin says:

    Avril Lavigne has the most power to attract fans, because Avril has the passion and all her videos was nice to view,and it is applicable to those who want to copy her own fashion and lifestyle,not like to Katy Perry,she was a nice girl but she don’t deserve to be an Avril Lavigne,perhaps Taylor Swift maybe.

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