Katy Perry ‘Hot N Cold’ Video Behind The Scenes

Markus Molinari posted a couple behind the scenes clips of on the set of her new music video for ‘Hot N Cold’, where Markus plays one of Katy’s bridesmaids in the wedding themed treatment. Watch it via YouTube below.

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9 thoughts on “Katy Perry ‘Hot N Cold’ Video Behind The Scenes

  1. Rich says:

    Who’s the 3rd bridesmaid from the left (the shortest)?

  2. I.R.E. says:

    Who is the bridesmaid wearing a cyan dress?

  3. Joenhre says:

    I have the same question as Rich. Anyone know the name of the Shortest bridesmaid the one who was standing behind the male bridesmaid?

  4. Joenhre says:

    Never mind. Found her name. It’s Shannon Woodward in case anyone else still wanted to know.

  5. I.R.E. says:

    But I still don’t know who was the bridesmaid wearing that cyan blue dress?

  6. John says:

    Anyone know the bridesmaid in the yellow dress is? She is the 2nd one in from the left.

  7. megs says:

    As far as I know the shortest girl, behind the male bridesmaid, is Shannon Woodward of “Raising Hope” and “The Riches”. She’s also Andrew Garfield’s long-time girlfriend.

  8. John L says:

    The 2nd bridesmaid (from left) in the yellow dress is Jadyn Maria, a Puerto Rican born, Tennessee raised singer-songwriter. The 3rd bridesmaid is actress Shannon Woodward currently on Fox TV’s “Raising Hope”. Apparently Andrew is no longer her boyfriend. Her status on MySpace says “single”, so wish me luck. :O I tried to identify the first bridesmaid but no to avail. Probably just a friend she went to school with or something. Driving me nuts that I can’t find out who she is though. Might just have to message Katy and ask her. Anyone have her email?

  9. Diego says:

    And What are the names of the male guests behind Alex. I mean there are four bridesmaids but what about the boys what are their names?

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