Katy Perry Is OK With Showing Her Real Side

Katy Perry amongst tires for the 'E.T.' music video

Elizabeth Vargas of ‘Good Morning America’ recently spoke with about her concert movie ‘Part of Me’, documenting the end of her marriage to comedian Russell Brand, and how she wouldn’t do anything different.

On putting herself out there with the project:

I wouldn’t have done it any other way. I paid for the movie myself and financed it the whole way.

On being open while her parents are very religious:

But I still have a moral compass, I hope. And I still try to make all of my decisions with integrity and respect. My sister, she’s along the ride with me, and she’s kind of like my warden. I know if I get out of line, either my grandmother or my sister will pop me.

On documenting the problems in her personal life:

I’m okay with showing that real side and stripping it down. I just wanted to show that really at the end of it all, I was just a normal girl. Pretty plain Jane, who had an idea. Planted a seed and watered it.

On if she would do anything different:

Nothing. It’s like a scar. Sometimes you look on your legs or your arms and you see this scar. And sometimes they’re bad and it reminds you of the thing that you learned or what not to do again. And these are valuable things. They’re life lessons that help me in the future.

Watch the interview via YouTube below.

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