Katy Perry Kisses Justin Bieber At The Kids’ Choice Awards

Katy Perry checked in with her Twitter followers (@katyperry) on Saturday night (March 27) after attending the Kids’ Choice Awards at UCLA’s Pauley Pavilion and meeting up with teen pop sensation Justin Bieber and kissing the ‘Baby’ singer. The ‘Hot N’ Cold’ singer writes:

Hope I don’t get none of that disgusting booger slime on me @Kids Choice Awards 2night… I’ll slap the ho that ruins my weave, nails, face!

@rustyrockets werd on the street is they r trying to slime me 2night @the kids choice awards! Good thing I’ve had a lot of practice right?

also heard Justin Biebers gonna b here 2night, can’t wait to tap that.

Told you I would tap that. Yummy.

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5 thoughts on “Katy Perry Kisses Justin Bieber At The Kids’ Choice Awards

  1. BOOMBOOOMPOW! says:

    boo! gay sh*t! epic fail!

  2. Walty says:


  3. meukilena says:

    o_0 um……not kool perry -_-“

  4. Lola says:

    It’s just a kiss on the cheeck, please…

  5. julia holler says:

    1,000 wows I would do that if I had a boyfriend my mom says no boyfriends.

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