Katy Perry Lashes Out At Girls Flirting With Travis McCoy

Katy Perry shows viewers one of her painted fingernailsThe Mirror reports let loose on some girls backstage at the MTV Europe Music Awards in Liverpool on Wednesday, after spotting the women trying to flirt with her boyfriend Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes.

“Why don’t you whores just piss off,” Perry allegedly told the them. A source revealed, “After she told those girls to piss off, Travis refused to make eye contact with a single female in the room.”

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One thought on “Katy Perry Lashes Out At Girls Flirting With Travis McCoy

  1. Vanessa says:

    “piss off” LMFAO!! Ahh I freakin’ love her! And I REAAALLLLY hope her and Travis get back together, they were the PERFECT couple! :”/ ….. also if they don’t get back together, the there’s no hope for anyone else:( serious.

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