Katy Perry: My Only Vice Is Musicians

Artisan News Service caught up with , where the singer was asked about touring with The Academy Is…, Angels And Airwaves, Gym Class Heroes, and Every Time I Die during the Van’s Warped Tour, and if she plans on hooking up with any of the guys during the trek. “My only vice is musicians. I’m kind of attracted to musicians; sexy, like, guys that rule the stage or play guitar,” the ‘I Kissed A Girl’ singer remarked. “It’s amazing when you go to a concert, that’s what makes me so inspired as a musician, is watching other people at live shows. It’s amazing to… like I went to a show a couple of nights ago, and that show is amazing right now. Seeing everybody’s face and people making out in the corner, excited and smiling, and not giving a care about how they look and what they’re doing. They’re just kind of like letting loose, and that is a great feeling. To make people get out of their comfort zone.”

The Katy interview video at artisannews.com has since been removed.

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