Katy Perry On Success, Kissing, Ideal Guy & Handling Pressure

Katy Perry talks about being loved in CanadaandPOP caught up with Katy Perry, where the singer talked about how ‘I Kissed The Girl’ being #1 on iTunes was “a little bit like a dream”, having to “smell pretty” for a good kiss, looking for a sense of humor in a guy – “someone who can keep me laughing even when I’m crying”, and how she handles the pressure of being “the one to watch” by magazines.

“It’s a little bit like a dream,” Perry said about her #1 on iTunes status. “It’s a very fast, new dream come true and I’m just excited that Canadians love me.”

Katy Perry wears a chicks t-shirt while talking about her song 'Ur So Gay'On what makes for a good kiss, Perry responded, “Well, you have to smell pretty, and most usually that girls do smell pretty. They smell like strawberries, banana, vanilla, watermelon, cherry. Girls that smell good, that’s the key.”

On the impact of her song ‘Ur So Gay’, Perry confessed, “Yeah, it’s been hard on the dating scene for sure. The fact of the matter is that sometimes girls walk into a situation where they’re like, ‘Is he on my team, or is he on the other team? What team is he on? My radar is off.’ So it was like I woke up next to this guy who kept on borrowing all my jeans, stole my flat iron and used my eyeliner until it broke.”

Watch the interview via YouTube below.

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