Katy Perry Shows Off Her Miniature Golf Skills

Samantha of Mania TV received a lesson in miniature golf from and Katy’s “main gay” buddy Markus Molinari at a Golf N’ Stuff course. Katy was sporting high heeled shoes on the course, winning despite the handicap while talking about performing on the Warped Tour with the “stinky and sweaty boys”.

“So we’re here at the wonderful Golf N’ Stuff,” Perry said. “You’ve probably all been to Golf N’ Stuff at least once in your life. I’ve got my heels on, so my golf shoes are ready to go.”

On winning drinking contests with the boys on Warped Tour, Perry said, “I probably won’t win them. Well I could most definitely, but I don’t want to show off too many of my skills on the road.

Watch the clip below.

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