Katy Perry ‘Teenage Dream’ Video Behind The Scenes

Katy Perry with her 'Teenage Dream' music video love interest Josh KlossBehind the scenes footage with on the set of her ‘Teenage Dream’ music video has been posted online. Meet Katy’s co-star Josh Kloss and some of her good friends in the video, who she included in the Santa Barbara shoot.

“We’re in Santa Barbara, which is amazing because the song ‘Teenage Dream’ was written in Santa Barbara, California,” Katy said. “These are my friends that are gonna just be themselves. I didn’t want to cast a bunch of lame extras trying to act, because they don’t want to act.”

Katy Perry warms up on the 'Teenage Dream' music video set“All the people you see here today are my good friends who I have know for like 8-10 years,” Perry says in the video. “We’re having a lot of fun and it’s so wonderful to be shooting in my hometown Santa Barbara.”

After the oceanside shoot, Katy confessed, “I have sand in every single crevice right now, and I’m wet, I’m smelly, I wanna go home. I am home. This has been a great shoot, and we’re wrapping this location. That’s the beach folks, now we’re gonna go party.”

Watch the video at YouTube.

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