Katy Perry ‘Thinking Of You’ Video Teaser #2

Katy Perry on the 'Thinking Of You' music video shoot posted another teaser for her ‘Thinking Of You’ music video, this time not a video of a monitor, but from the actual footage. Perry is seen making out near a lake with her love interest before she strips down to her retro bathing suit and he grabs an innertube and they run towards the water.

Katy writes, “This is my last teaser for my new music video ‘Thinking of You’ in case I get a phone call saying ‘Katy take down your home videos, you’re gonna ruin the movie!'”

The video at MySpace has since been removed.

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One thought on “Katy Perry ‘Thinking Of You’ Video Teaser #2

  1. brandon nelson says:

    I was just wondering how Katy came about choosing Matt Dallas as the love in her video?

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