Katy Perry Warns Girls To Steer Clear Of Travis McCoy

People magazine reports that during Katy Perry’s show at Los Angeles’ Wiltern Theatre Saturday, the singer made reference to her ex-boyfriend Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes. “Girls, if you have ever dated a boy – specifically the lead singer from Gym Class Heroes – don’t do it,” Perry said. “Boys should have a heart. You know what I mean girls? Boys just want the milk, but they don’t want to buy the cow.” Check out a fan filmed highlight clip from the pop singer’s ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ performance below and more from the show at YouTube.

Update: responded with the following message:

I challenged them to actually find the audio clip/video of me “QUOTED” saying that.

They of course couldn’t cause… I didn’t say that. I would never be so tacky. I go great lengths to keep it about the music. I made a different random type of joke before I introduced my song, ur so gay. I never mentioned Travis or his lovely band, as they are all still friends of mine.

I don’t care if you make fun of me, my music, my zits, my cellulite or my bad choice of clothing… I really don’t. Just have some soul, and don’t LIE. I am not asking to be exempt from the media, I am just asking for some fu**ing fact checking.

…steps off soap box.

*forgive me to those who don’t understand, nor care. Onwards and upwards!*

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