Katy Rose Hits The Music Scene

Katy Rose is am amazing new artist hitting the music scene! Her album ‘Because I Can’ is in stores Jan 27th, and let me tell you- this girl has talent.

It’s easy as first glance to want to compare her to Avril, but trust me, one listen to her album, and you’ll see how different she is. First of all, she’s not selling an “anti-Britney” image. She’s not trying to be “punk” or “hardcore” or a “bad girl”- and she’s not against any artist. She’s fully herself. (Plus, her album was done before Avril’s even came out,lol)

Most importantly, she’s an ACTUAL musician who really does write her own songs, and plays three instruments- guitar, keyboards, and drums. She knows what she’s talking about. The album is so good- it’s different and interesting. Her lyrics are smart, honest, fresh, sarcastic, and obviously very heartfelt. The album has a California garage-rock sound, with the occasional touch of symphonica. Critics have already compared her to early Liz Phair or even PJ Harvey. Katy isn’t the best singer, technically, but her voice is wonderfully complex- one minute light and airy like a child, the next, screaming and desperate. On “Vacation”, which describes escaping the catholic private school she attended growing up, she sounds hung-over and shaky during the verses, and then escalates to a frantic scream during the chorus. “You don’t know how crazy people say I am/you’re running in the deep end Katy, why don’t you give a damn?” she sings- and you can’t help but believe her. “Catch My Fall” begins with her screaming bloody murder before going into a high energy, funky (yet accessible) punk rock guitar riff. The slow, jazzy “Snowfkales” has Katy singing about her hometown of LA, sounding like a lounge singer wise beyond her years. Her conversational vocal on “Original Skin” is perfect for the songs simple lyrics- “I’m outside/ Let me in/ I’m still shedding my original skin”. “Because I Can” closes the album, and it’s an appropriate end. Katy sounds her age (16), innocent yet jaded at the same time. The song is a stripped- down acoustic ballad about a longing for personal freedom and comfort. Throughout the album, you’ll find themes of depression, self-loathing, isolation and even idealism, and Katy sounds completely convincing on rock flavored tracks, as well as the more pop- oriented songs. “Because I Can” has already gotten some great reviews; Bullzye gave it 4/5 stars-

•You are a 16-year-old girl, disillusioned with the establishment, and you live in LA. What do you do next? Write some of the most compelling rock in years, of course. Katy Rose is drawing national attention thanks to her powerful songwriting and revealing lyrics chronicling the dramas of the day-to-day life of an adolescent girl. On many of the songs featured on Katy’s debut release, Because I Can, tormented verses filled with conflict and frustration blend into sing-along power choruses, sweet enough to make the Avril Lavignes and Michelle Branches of the world take notice. The strongest aspect of Katy’s songwriting is her honesty; ultimately, Katy will find that as she grows, her songwriting will too, enabling her to step outside the personal situations that envelope her and tell the stories of other people. But the talent is certainly there now. An incredibly strong sense of song, as well as a dynamic voice and introspective lyrics, make Katy Rose one new artist to get on board with early.

Voxonline.com also raved about the album, saying “Yes, she can. And she does. Before everyone starts comparing her to the other young female singer/songwriters out there, first consider she actually does write her own lyrics and composes the music as well. Rose’s debut is pure rock paradise – refined rock with loads of hooks without being too sweet. Rose isn’t trying to be punk or anything else – the songs come straight from the heart and tell the tales of a girl growing up close to edge, yet having the brains to not fall over. They have that certain ring of truth surrounded by an understanding of song structure and completeness that most artists search a lifetime to find. If the first single, “Overdrive,” doesn’t grip you from the first listen, give the rest of the record a chance and you’ll be hooked. Let it be known, Katy Rose is one of the future voices of modern music – you can say you heard it here first.

Entertainment Weekly gave the album a B-, and Billboard praised her voice (“Her voice, a soft sound containing an old soul, is impressively complicated”), and the harder- edged rock tracks (“Rose can be proud of riskier rock-flavored tracks like “Catch My Fall” and earlier-released single “Overdrive.”) But the best review has come from the music mag. Blender, giving it 4/5 stars-

•A springtime blossom of inner conflict, the delightful Tarzana, California-raised Katy Rose may look tough in her publicity stills. And her jaded lyrics– “They all come here to find a scene/But end of girls on Methadrine/Naked on a TV screen” — may be sophisticated by any age standard. But the very real pleasure of her irresistible, hard-ass pop style– garage-rock with an undertone of symphonica and a dash of singer-songwriter balladry– is not in her admittedly marketable dark-thoughts-for-dark-times attitude, but in the soaring sound of youth and talent engaged in the self-expression that both demand. Rose is the daughter of two musicians– her father, a keyboardist who toured with ’70’s hitmakers Poco and Crosby, Stills & Nash, produced the record. Like her Top 40 contemporaries, she’s as catchy as can be, if not a little catchier. But unlike them, she’s indisputably the real deal.

So pick up a great new rock album- Katy Rose’s “Because I Can” in stores Jan 27th. And go check out her website to get her bio and read her journal.

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